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New Fresnel 'bas-relief' pattern sample

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

4Pico and Spatial Imaging has created a new deep Fresnel 'bas-relief' pattern sample using a PicoMaster XF large-format, high-speed hologram and Fresnel lens mastering system. The sample has been made to help demonstrate XRD Nano's new Xe 1.3 UV embossing machine, which will be shown at a forthcoming open house event. The Xe 1.3 UV embossing system, sometimes called a nano-imprint system, is the perfect compliment to 4Pico's range of PicoMaster mastering systems for the replication of both shallow and deep micro-structured surfaces on all kinds of films and substrates at high speed. Please note, the video below shows a master photoresist Fresnel pattern prior to metallisation.

If you are interested in attending XRD Nano's open house please go to to register your interest.


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