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PicoMaster XF 2000-H

The ultimate high-speed, large-format, DWL mastering tool for the origination of:
Diffractive 'rainbow' patterns
Fresnel lenses
Fresnel 'bas relief' images
Zero colour 'platinum' patterns and images
Micro-mirror and micro-lens arrays

Other 2.5D, greyscale, optical micro-structures
  • Maximum recording area of 2,000 x 1,000 mm

  • Maximum substrate sizes of 2,100 x 1,100 mm​

  • Minimum feature size/line width of 600 nm (400 nm optional)

  • Minimum grating pitch of 1.2 um (800 nm optional)

  • 0 - 5 um depth recording

  • 90-150 sq. cm per hour exposure speed 

  • Modular and easily replaced optical head

  • High-resolution real-time optical auto-focus

  • Laminar airflow with HEPA filter

  • Seamless grating/micro-structure recording

  • Zero optical noise and distortion

  • PicoHLD - hologram and lens creation software

  • Multiple data input formats

  • User-definable effects and hologram types

  • Sitech's Pattern Generator software

  • Free software upgrades

  •  Professional technical and software support

PicoMaster XF 1000-H.png

The Raith Laser Systems (formerly 4PICO) PicoMaster XF-H series is the next generation of large-format mastering systems and the world's first purpose-built, high-speed, high-resolution, large-format, multi-beam DWL system for the origination of holograms, diffractive 'rainbow' patterns, Fresnel lenses, Fresnel 'bas-relief' images, zero-colour 'platinum' patterns, micro-mirror and micro-lens arrays, and many other types of 2.5D, greyscale, micro-structured optical surfaces for premium packaging and product embellishment applications.

The PicoMaster XF 2000-H is the world's largest mastering system for all kinds of 2.5D, greyscale, seamless, micron, and sub-micron scale structured surfaces over 2,000  x 1,000 mm (80" x 40") areas at high speed. The system is supplied with a 405nm laser, 600 nm resolution capability (optional 400nm resolution), a high-resolution optical auto-focus system, and PicoHLD, a fully-featured, user-friendly hologram, diffractive pattern, and Fresnel lens design and composition program. The system is also supplied with Spatial Imaging's Pattern Generator, a program for the generation of random shape and gradient 'pillars of light' patterns for packaging applications.

Raith Laser Systems is based in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, the leading center of technology development in Europe, and the company employs numerous high-level engineers and programmers. It is also a subsidiary of Raith Nanofabrication, Dortmund, Germany, the world's leading supplier of e-beam and i-beam lithography systems. Raith Laser Systems offers professional support, second to none in the industry, with offices in North America, Europe, and the Far East.

Micro-lithography versus Direct

Unlike conventional micro-lithography, which requires an array of optical components, single or multi-beam direct-write lithography creates seamless, non-pixellated, noise-free, and distortion-free holographic gratings and other micro-features.

PicoMaster directly written gratings and optical structures

PicoMaster micro-structures
PicoMaster profiles


Single-beam direct write

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