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2008 Category: Industrial


Fast Track. The Fast Track system is a component of Sitech’s high-speed digital hologram mastering system which enables the extremely rapid recording of digital holograms.


2006 Category: New Holographic Technique


The Hydra image capture system. The Hydra is a unique multiple camera system for the capture of parallax image sequences. It can instantaneously capture a sequence of images, automatically register those images for smooth 3D / animation and generate any number of intermediate frames using ‘parallax rendering’ The image sequence can then be used to make three-dimensional holograms or lenticulars.


2005 Category: New Holographic Technique and BEST OF THE YEAR


The Lightgate P with Lightspeed technology. The world's largest format and fastest digital hologram design and mastering system enabling the creation of large-format single image digital holograms and seamless holographic patterns.


2003 Category: Promotion/illustration and BEST OF THE YEAR


The Roppongi Hills Xen Restaurant waterfall hologram display, Tokyo, Japan - three large-format laser-illuminated holograms and a real waterfall which together forms a unique architectural installation.


2000 Category: New Holographic Technique


3Digital - the development of three-dimensional digital holograms produced using the Lightgate hologram and OVD design and mastering system.


1999 Category: Promotion/illustration


Promotional display for Thomas Cook - a full colour, computer generated, large format holographic display - click here for a picture.





2005 The Royal Photographic Society's Saxby Medal


In 2005 Rob Munday, founder and principal owner of Spatial Imaging-Sitech, was awarded the Saxby Medal, a prestigious international award presented by the Royal Photographic Society for his creative and technical achievements in the field of three-dimensional imaging and holography.

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