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Lightgate X

An interference lithography/micro-lithography system for the production of small to medium format digital holograms, OVD's and diffractive patterns and images for:
Security holograms and OVDs
Rainbow diffractive patterns and images
Achromatic diffractive patterns and images

The Lightgate X is a cost-effective solution for the origination of small to medium format low and high spatial frequency, achromatic and rainbow holograms, OVD's, and diffractive patterns and images for all applications, including security printing and premium packaging.


Unlike older digital hologram mastering systems that utilise two-beam laser interference to create diffractive pixels, the Lightgate X uses a different principle, that of interference lithography and micro-lithography. Sometimes referred to as 'image matrix', the system utilises a high-resolution spatial light modulator to create extremely bright, saturated, and high-resolution holograms, OVD's, and diffractive patterns containing a wide range of optical features.

​The Lightgate X can make holograms and diffractive patterns up to 170 x 170 mm (6.7" x 6.7"). Custom sized Lightgate X systems can be built to make holograms and diffractive patterns up to 320 x 320 mm (12.6" x 12.6").

​The Lightgate X is supplied with Lightgate Control v14, a dedicated and user-friendly program that controls all aspects of the hologram design and mastering process.

  • Maximum recording area up to 320 x 320 mm

  • Maximum substrate size of up to 360 x 360 mm

  • Feature size/line widths of 0.42 um - > 10 um

  • Grating pitches of 0.8 um - >20 um

  • Variable pixel resolutions: 127 dpi - 4,064 dpi

  • Any shape pixels

  • Nano-images and nano-text

  • 405nm violet solid-state diode laser

  • High-resolution, real-time laser auto-focus

  • Lightgate Control V14 software

  • 4 days on-site installation and training

  •  Professional technical and software support

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