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New for 2024 - a next-generation UV recombiner from XRD Nano

The next generation of large-area, extremely precise, UV recombining systems.

Recombining is an indispensable part of the hologram and OVD manufacturing process. A single hologram is created using a mastering system and, through the process of recombination, is ‘tiled up’ to cover a much larger area. In this way, a large format embossing shim can be made that contains hundreds, if not thousands of individual holograms and OVDs. Another use of a recombiner is to tile up a hologram or other 2.5D micro-structure in a near-seamless fashion to provide a visually continuous optical effect over a large area. Lastly, a recombiner can be used to combine multiple holograms, diffractive patterns, lenses, and other micro-structured optical surfaces to create complex designs for security, packaging, and many other applications.


Older technology recombiners used heat and pressure to forcibly stamp each impression into a polymer sheet. The latest, best, and most versatile method however is to use a UV cast and cure process. Advantages include the ability to replicate complex nano and microstructures and also structures that have different depths. For example, the latest security hologram and optical packaging designs often combine both shallow, sub 200 nanometre holographic or diffractive structures with much deeper 2-10 micron triangular or Fresnel reflective structures. Using a UV recombiner it is possible to replicate any depth of structure with a single impression.

UV recombiner 2024
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