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A 3D - parallax image sequence recording system for the creation of holograms, holographic stereograms, lenticular images and other auto-sterescopic displays

The VIP (Video Images with Parallax) system is the world's most advanced single camera system for the capture of digital images from different viewpoints of a scene or object for the creation of 3D holograms, holographic stereograms, lenticular images, and other auto-stereoscopic displays.

  • 1.5 meters of travel (other sizes available)

  • Linear motor stages for ultra-smooth movement

  • Speed up to 1 meter per second

  • Positional accuracy of 1 um (1000th mm)

  • Stable, vibration-free support structure

  • Portable system with wheels

  • Full computer control of the camera

  • Automatic downloading of captured sequence

  • Display and visualisation of stereoscopic images

  • Automatic focal stacking

  • Automatic keystone distortion removal

  • VIP Control V6

  • 2 day training program

  •  Professional technical and software support


The VIP system was originally designed and built by Rob Munday in 2003 to famously shoot his portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, the first and only officially commissioned 3D portrait of Her Majesty the Queen, and has been continually upgraded with the latest technology and software ever since. Rob Munday continues to use the VIP to record many of his holographic and lenticular artworks, seen in galleries and museum collections throughout the world.

The VIP is the ideal complement to any holographic stereogram mastering system, including Raith Laser Systems' range of PicoMaster systems and Sitech's range of Lightgate systems, or a lenticular imaging studio.


The system utilises a 1.5 meter long high-resolution linear motor rail that is accurate along its entire length to just one micron (1000th mm). The linear rail translates another high-resolution rotary linear motor stage and digital camera smoothly and at high speed enabling the recording of portraits or other scenes with a minimum of risk that the subject moves.


Compatible cameras include those from Canon, Nikon, and Sony. By arrangement, any computer controllable camera can be used including those from RED. The camera can be used in either still mode or video mode with face tracking etc. Other modes of operation include continuous recording, time-lapse recording, and manual recording. The VIP also incorporates automatic focal stacking for focal stacked 3D images which is particularly useful for recording macro 3D images.


The computer provided is the best available at the time of purchase and includes a top of the range Nvidia graphics card, 64GB memory, a 1 TB solid-state drive, and a 27 inch 3D UHD monitor. Using 3D active glasses it is possible to view images/portraits in true stereoscopic 3D within seconds of them being shot. This gives an unparalleled capability to appraise the dimensionality of shots as they are recorded.


The system is supplied with VIP Control V6 software and Sitech's unique PRISM software for the post-production of 3D image sequences, including distortion removal, image-plane adjustment, focal stacked image sorting, and image registration.

Below are some images shot with the VIP system, however, please go to Rob Munday's website to view animations of his personal artworks, all of which have been shot with this system. -

Rob Munday and Equanimity.jpg
From left to right Munday, Levine and Ro
Her Majesty the Queen

The VIP at Buckingham Palace - Photograph by Nina Duncan

Portrait of Her Majesty the Queen by Rob Munday and Chris Levine for The Jersey Heritage Trust.

VIP Control Anaglyph

VIP Control showing an anaglyph visualisation directly after shooting a sequence of parallax images for Bvlgari

POL Original Lines.jpg
POL Corrected Lines.jpg

VIP Control's automatic distortion removal. The upper set of images shows an uncorrected sequence and the lower set of images shows a corrected sequence. Lenticular works of Pictures of Lilly, the drum kit of the late Keith Moon, and possibly the most famous drum kit in the world, were commissioned by The Who in 2014 to celebrate their 50th anniversary.

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