Raith Nanofabrication buys 4Pico B.V.

Due largely to the overwhelming success of 4Pico's world leading PicoMaster DWL OVD/hologram and Fresnel lens mastering systems, 4Pico B.V. has been purchased by the German company Raith Nanofabrication. Raith develops and sells the world’s leading e-beam lithography systems for the recording of the highest resolution 2.5D nano-structured surfaces. By combining 4Pico's laser based lithography systems with it's own electron beam lithography systems, Raith now has a full compliment of holographic mastering technologies for all applications. Raith will invest in the further development of 4Pico’s DWL mastering technologies.

Spatial Imaging-Sitech will remain the exclusive distributor for 4Pico's PicoMaster DWL OVD/hologram mastering systems world-wide.