PicoSDC and PicoSDC-D

Systems for the coating and developing of photoresist plates.
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  • The PicoSDC is an automated photoresist spin coating system with temperature controlled hot plate. The PicoSDC can also be used for the developing, washing, and drying of exposed plates.

  • The PicoSD is a stand-alone automated master photoresist plate developing, washing, and drying station.

Both modules support recipe-based programs with freely programmable processes. 

Both modules are contained within an environmental, dust-free, HEPA filtered enclosure with laminar air flow. 


Three sizes are available, for 150mm, 200mm and 250mm plates.

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PicoSDC-C - Photoresist spin coater and baking station - Capabilities

Vacuum chuck

Up to 2000 RPM

Dispense arm for 2 types of photoresist

2 containers for photoresist storage.

Programmable temperature-controlled hot plate

Programmable timer

Maximum 120 degrees C


Laminar air flow with HEPA filter

Dual voltage - 110-230v, 50/60Hz 1.5 kW

PicoSDC-D - Photoresist developing, washing, and drying station - Capabilities
Vacuum chuck-Up to 2000 RPM
Dispense arm for water, developer, and adhesive (Silane)

Brush arm for mechanical cleaning, including water connection
Developer and adhesive containers for chemical storage
Waste can be connected to a city drain line or external storage

Laminar air flow with HEPA filter

Dual voltage - 110-230v, 50/60Hz 1.5 k