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Winner of the IHMA Best Innovation in Holographic Technology Award 2023

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

Spatial Imaging and Raith Laser Systems are pleased to announce that the PicoMaster is the winner of the International Hologram Manufacturers Association's 'Best Innovation in Holographic Technology' Award for 2023.

The PicoMaster is the most significant development in holographic and micro-structure mastering technology for over 20 years. It is capable of combining diffractive, refractive and reflective non-pixelated optical features at up to four times the resolution of previous mastering systems for the document security, brand authentication, product embellishment, and premium packaging industries.

Holograms, as we know them today, were first made in 1962 using the traditional analogue laser interference technique, and it was this technique that was famously used by Mastercard and Visa in 1982 to make the very first security holograms. This analogue technique, which requires a high skill level and is very labour intensive, was supplanted in 1992 by the introduction of semi-digital, computer-automated mastering systems, enabling the holographic industry to grow from a small niche industry into a billion dollar one. Now, some thirty years later, Raith Laser Systems, with its PicoMaster-H and PicoMaster XF-H systems, has ushered in the third and perhaps final era of holography, that of fully digital mastering.

Each year since 1994 the International Hologram Manufacturers Association has given Excellence in Holography awards to outstanding holographic projects, and these awards have become very hard fought for and prestigious. This year, Raith is proud to announce that the PicoMaster has won the IHMA award for ‘Best Innovation in Holographic Technology’, and thus has now been formally recognised by the holographic industry for its truly groundbreaking and world-leading capabilities.


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