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PicoMaster helps Hazen win the IHMA award for Best Applied Decorative & Packaging Product 2023

A PicoMaster 200-H has helped Hazen Paper Company win this years IHMA Best Applied Decorative/Packaging Product award for its incredible 2023 Basketball Hall of Fame Enshrinement Book.

The limited-edition cover, created with Hazen HoloJet® paper, projects an amplified refractive three-dimensional image of a basketball symbolizing the Hall of Fame Dome.

It includes Fresnel Lens technology and a new holographic element Hazen calls “Metal-Morphosis™,” utilizing a new deep-groove system for sharper images and greater dimensionality. Appearing to move and change with the angle of light, the holographic treatment induces engagement and interaction with the book. According to Hazen President, John Hazen, “once again the Hazen holographic team has raised the bar amplifying the special effects each time to ensure the cover is more exciting than ever.”

Founded in 1925, Hazen Paper Company is a world-leading paper converter that specialises in holographic origination, film coating, foil and paper lamination, metallizing, gravure printing, specialty coating and rotary embossing to create specialty materials for worldwide use in retail display and POP, luxury, beauty, entertainment and media packaging, bookbinding, scratch-off lottery and other security-related tickets, tags and cards, and fine art applications.


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