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New PicoMaster security hologram sample available

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

A new and stunning PicoMaster security hologram sample is now available. It can be provided as either a nickel shim or embossed foil. The sample shows many high level security features and optical effects, including holographic gratings, full colour 3D, Fresnel images and lenses with blazed grating profiles, directional and non-directional diffuse white, micro-lens arrays, nano-text, super high spatial frequency images, diffraction grids, animated CGH/DOE true holographic fringe patterns and mixed optical features. Using seamless, distortion free and noise free holographic gratings and Fresnel structures the sample shows the highest diffraction efficiency with clear and intensely saturated colours. With structure depths of only 150-600nm, the sample can be replicated using either hard or UV embossing systems.

Diffractive holographic elements

Reflective Fresnel elements


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