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New orders for the PicoMaster XF 1000

4Pico B.V has taken orders for three of its new 1 x 1 meter area, large-format, high-speed, multi-beam PicoMaster XF 1000 DWL mastering systems. The PicoMaster XF 1000 is 4Pico's latest and highest resolution multi-beam DWL system. It is capable of exposing perfectly consistent and distortion free nano and micro-structures, holographic gratings, Fresnel lenses and Fresnel 'bass relief' images over very large areas at high speed. The system is supplied with 4Pico's world-leading PicoHLD software, a fully-featured, user-friendly hologram, diffractive pattern, Fresnel lens and Fresnel 'bass relief' image design and composition program. Applications include UV embossable master fabrication for luxury holographic and optical packaging and functional optical films and surfaces.


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