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New rainbow samples from large-format XF system

Raith Laser Systems has recently created three new samples using its world-leading, large-format PicoMaster XF system. The PicoMaster XF was originally developed to create the world's largest embossed effect, Fresnel 'bas relief' images and Fresnel lenses for high-end packaging and product embellishment applications however the system is also able to create bright 'rainbow' colour holograms and diffraction grating patterns, such as the famous 'pillars of light', over very large areas greater than 1 x 2 meters in size.

These samples are currently being replicated by Spatial Imaging's partner, XRD Nano, using its world-leading UV embossing/casting replication system, and will be available shortly. Please add your name to the list for samples by contacting Spatial Imaging at


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