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Mastering systems for the origination of digital holograms, OVD’s, diffractive patterns, Fresnel lenses, Fresnel 'bas relief' images, and other 2.5D micro-structured optical surfaces for:
Brand Protection
Document Security
Product Authentication
Premium Packaging
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Digital hologram and Fresnel Lens Mastering Systems
Photoresist processing - Coming soon
UV Recombining - Coming soon




Spatial Imaging was founded by holographer and artist Rob Munday in 1983 and is now one of the world's oldest hologram companies. In 1989 -1991, Rob developed and built the world's first computer-automated, 3D digital hologram printer and, in early1992, made the world's first 3D digital holograms. This spawned Spatial Imaging's technology division, Sitech, and the company has been at the forefront of the design and development of digital hologram mastering systems and ancillary equipment ever since.

Spatial Imaging - Sitech's origination systems are used to create holograms, OVD's, diffractive patterns, and other optical micro-structured surfaces for brand protection, product authentication, document security, packaging, promotional, and publishing applications.

The company has invented many new and unique holographic techniques and technologies, winning numerous IHMA Awards of Excellence in the process. For almost 30 years, leading hologram manufacturers, security printers, packaging producers, universities, and Government departments throughout the world have chosen Spatial Imaging - Sitech's mastering systems to form the foundation of their hologram and diffractive pattern production process.

In 2020, Spatial Imaging - Sitech became the exclusive worldwide distributor of 4Pico Litho's unique and state-of-the-art PicoMaster direct-write lithographic (DWL) hologram and Fresnel lens origination systems.



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