PicoMaster XF 500-H

The ultimate high-speed, large-format, DWL mastering tool for the origination of:
Diffractive 'rainbow' patterns
Fresnel lenses
Fresnel images 'bas relief'
Zero colour 'platinum' patterns and images
Other 2.5D, greyscale, optical micro-structures

The PicoMaster XF-H series is the next generation of mastering systems and the world's first and currently only purpose-built, high-speed, high-resolution, large-format DWL systems for the origination of holograms, diffractive 'rainbow' patterns, Fresnel lenses, Fresnel images, zero-colour 'platinum' patterns and many other types of 2.5D, greyscale, microstructured optical surfaces for premium packaging applications.

The PicoMaster XF 500-H is a turn-key solution to create all kinds of 2.5D, greyscale, seamless, micron and sub-micron scale structured surfaces over large 550 x 550 mm (22" x 22") areas at high speed. The system is supplied with a 405nm laser, 500 nm resolution capability, a high-resolution optical auto-focus system, and PicoHLD, a fully-featured, user-friendly hologram, diffractive pattern, and Fresnel lens design and composition program. The system is also supplied with Sitech's Pattern Generator, a program for the generation of random shape and gradient 'pillars of light' patterns for packaging applications.

  • Maximum recording area of 550 x 550 mm

  • Maximum substrate size of 600 x 600 mm​

  • Minimum feature size/line width of 500 nm

  • Minimum grating pitch of 1 um

  • 0 - 5 um depth recording

  • 90 sq. cm per second exposure speed 

  • Modular and easily replaced optical head

  • High-resolution real-time optical auto-focus

  • Laminar air flow with HEPA filter

  • Seamless grating/micro-structure recording

  • Zero optical noise and distortion

  • PicoHLD - hologram and lens creation software

  • Multiple data input formats

  • User-definable effects and hologram types

  • Sitech's Pattern Generator software

  • Free software upgrades

  •  Professional technical and software support

Unlike micro-lithography, which requires an array of optical components, single-beam direct-write lithography creates seamless, non-pixellated, noise-free, and distortion-free holographic gratings and other micro-features.

Micro-lithography versus Direct Write.jp

Micro-lithography                 versus              SIngle-beam direct-write

PicoMaster directly written gratings and features 

PicoMaster micro-structures
PicoMaster profiles